Help us Pay the Rent

Our landlord, surprisingly enough, doesn't share our anti-capitalist ideology. Neither does the gas company, or the electric company. And nope, our internet service provider doesn't, either.

So we need your help fending them off. Every month.

Hate PayPal? We're with you there, chief! Stop by the shop to make a cash or check donation, or write us and we'll figure something else out.

You can also dontate via WePay by following this link:

If you use Dwolla, the fee is 50 cents or less. However, you would have to link your bank account to Dwolla instead of using a credit card. You can donate via Dwolla by following this link:

The Spore is a radical social space free of commercial sponsorship. We actively resist the capitalist illogic of mind-numbing production and spectator-based consumption. We instead promote unmediated experiences rooted in participatory cultural creation and free exchange of ideas and resources.

Everything that happens here is made possible by countless unique acts of gift giving. People give their energy, wisdom, dreams, and dollars for the benefit of the community. Creative cooperation has gotten us this far, and will continue to be the transformative social force that allows this project to thrive and grow.

Write the Spore if you'd like to help out in any way. Better yet, stop by during open hours and hang out. Have some extra cash hiding between your couch cushions? Great! Then help us pay rent!