Sporeprint Infoshop no longer has a physical location

The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op voted to terminated the Sporeprint Infoshop lease and so we no longer have a physical space to call our home.

We are still active and you can get involved by e-mailing us or following us on Instagram which is the most active social media outlet we are using. We plan to continue to distribute zines through pop-up stores and participating in community events. We hope to open a space again in the future if things work out.

Mission Statement

The Sporeprint infoshop is a non-hierarchical, volunteer-run, not-for-profit social center. It is a safe space for independent thinking, face-to-face communication, skill sharing, community-building projects, and the distribution of alternative media to further social, political, and environmental consciousness.


Our collective is a non-hierarchical, consensus-based group in which all efforts to organize, maintain, and operate the resource center are completely voluntary. Monetary donations pay the rent and monthly utility bills. All materials and resources in the infoshop have been freely donated and are likewise freely maintained at the shop for the public's use.

Safe Space

In order to work together in dismantling oppression within our culture and ourselves, we must acknowledge that we have been on both ends of privilege and oppression, and that only by supporting and listening to each other can we build healthy individuals and communities. We are all highly capable learners and teachers, who must exercise both of these talents in order to create alternatives to the culture of domination.

The Sporeprint Infoshop is a safe space where we are all learning to rid ourselves of that oppression. Through self-awareness and humility we can interact in radically different ways, free of language and behavior that values any person or people over another.

Face-to-Face Communication

Dialogue and conversation are crucial to personal and social growth. Sporeprint intentionally provides space that offers and atmosphere conducive to public meetings and chance interaction.

Community Building Projects

The infoshop serves as a common ground for individuals to launch community-based and community-initiated projects. Our intent is to provide a space where these projects can grow, empowering participants and strengthening their relationships with friends and neighbors.

Distribution of Alternative Media

The infoshop distributes alternative media, including zines, community newsletters, and other independent literature that challenges the status quo, is not often discussed, or is hard to find. This is our way of encouraging independent thinking and alternatives to mass media.

Sporeprint has a GoodReads list

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